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Vestergade 18c, 3.
DK-1456 Copenhagen C


2020 by Agrain Products


Brewer’s spent grain draws unique flavors from the brewing process it came from. In the process, most of the sugars from the malted barley/wheat are used to create the alcohol. The fibers and proteins are left behind with the flavors from other brewing ingredients. Currently, Agrain Products collects four kind of organic spent grains from different microbreweries in Denmark:


Pilsner - Light, mild and versatile in use.
IPA - Slightly sweet, a hint of umami, taste of caramel and nuts.
Stout - Sweet with subtle flavors of chocolate and coffee.
Wisky - Sweet with flavors of toasted nuts and browned butter.

The different flavors give inspiration for new recipes and products or to create traditional ones with a twist. 

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