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Vestergade 18c, 3.
DK-1456 Copenhagen C


2020 by Agrain Products

This flour from Pilsner can be used in the most versatile ways of our flour selection because if it's light colour and flavour. So, it's perfect for bread baking or pizza.

Source: Various Danish Microbreweries

Production: Certified Organic and Upcycled

Nutritional qualities: High in fibre and proteins.

Colour: Light

Flavour: Light and mild

Agrain® 01 maskmel - Pilsner (500 g)

kr 39,00Price

Agrain® 01 maskmel - Pilsner is a flour made from organic spent grain sourced from Danish microbreweries. Agrain® 01 is light in colour and flavour, and high in fibre and protein. This flour is our most versatile flour, making it perfect for use in most recipes including bread baking and pizza.