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Vestergade 18c, 3.
DK-1456 Copenhagen C


2020 by Agrain Products

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When producing Agrain® flour we need to make sure we follow the latest research and guidelines. Doing this ensures a product of the highest quality, and one that is nutrient packed and microbially safe. 

Agro Business Park turns idea into reality when it comes to entrepreneurship in food and bio-economy. They support both the individual entrepreneur, as well as established companies, by guiding them through innovation, development and funding. 

The Technical University of Denmark collaborates with external companies to provide innovative solutions to help bridge the gap between technical science and creativity, theory and practice, and university and the real world.  

Copenhagen University collaborates with the business community, providing the latest research as well as access to research facilities. Collaboration occurs both at professional and student level. 

Accelerace support startups and corporate businesses on innovative growth in the Nordic region. Their advice is put supported companies into a solid position on the defined targeted market.

The Central provides advise to Danish companies on communication and relationships and is based in Copenhagen. Advice on relatable language, customer channels and other communicative methods are a valuable asset to start-ups as well as other companies.