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Nutritious flours

Agrain® flour produced from brewer's spent grains, is a highly nutritious ingredient and food resource. During malting and brewing, a significant amount of carbohydrates are extracted, leaving the grains rich in fibre and protein . Many of the health benefits of Agrain® flour come from its naturally high fibre content. Our flours contain 45% fibre - 4 times higher than rye or wholegrain flour. 


The health benefits of fibre are related to the type of fibre present. In Agrain® flour, the fibre is made up of 25% soluble arabinoxylans and 18% insoluble cellulose. The soluble fibre attracts and binds water which creates a thick gel that slows digestion, binds cholesterol, and reduces blood glucose levels after a meal. The health benefits of insoluble fibre are related to increased bulk within the digestive system, keeping you fuller for longer, and maintaining healthy regular bowel movements.

Nutritional label Agrain® 01 Pilsner Maskmel


In addition to fibre, Agrain® contains approximately 20% protein. Protein is made up of amino acids and are essential for growth, repair and development. Adding Agrain® flour to a recipe provides you the health benefits, all while adding new flavor and color.