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2020 by Agrain Products

Food producers

At Agrain®, we work closely together with leading food producers, to develop and produce food products of the highest quality. Our products aim to make healthy and sustainable food available for professionals and private consumers.

Aurion is the leading Nordic producer of all things grain - flour, cereals and granola. Their mission is to produce products that are good for the environment and for you. Their products are biodynamic, produced to preserve nutrients, and they use ancient grain varieties where possible.

Quality pellets specialise in producing starch-based pellets, that, when heated, are turned into a delicious puffed snack. Their products are typically produced in collaboration with and for external companies.

OK Snacks are the snack specialists, they produce everything from pork scratchings to corn chips and salsa. In addition to their own production they offer their services to external companies such as ours, helping with product development, packaging and design.