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Vestergade 18c, 3.
DK-1456 Copenhagen C


2020 by Agrain Products



We collect the brewer’s spent grain(BSG) straight after the brewing process from one of our collaborating microbreweries and bring it to our production facility near Køge. The BSG coming from the microbreweries is still warm and damp, which is beneficial for our production. So, it is transported in an insulated container. Brewer’s spent grain is still a very wet material containing up to 80% water, it still looks very flakey and also smells amazing.


Before the BSG is turned in to flour, the water needs to get out. So first we put the BSG through a press, which wrings out most of the water. However, what comes out of the press is still a basket of pulp that still contains too much water.


Therefore, the pulp is put into a dryer, where heat makes the water evaporate and escape from the grains. Temperatures… What we are than left with is thin flakes of spent grains that can be grinded into spent grain flour. In a final grinding machine, the grains are pulverized to usable flour, it’s a slow process, but the result is aromatic flour that is saved from being discarded in a waste facility or fed to livestock.