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Vestergade 18c, 3.
DK-1456 Copenhagen C


2020 by Agrain Products

About Agrain®

The story behind Agrain®

Brewer’s spent grains are an abundant by-product of the brewing industry. Co-founders Emil and Karin realised the potential of the spent grains in an award winning master's thesis. By turning grains into flour, this by-product can contribute to feeding the world, while also inspiring new and existing recipes in the kitchen. 

Our mission

With Agrain® products we want to contribute to a sustainable future. In line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals we aim for:

Nutritionally rich

Agrain® flour is a highly nutritious ingredient and food resource. During malting and brewing, a significant amount of carbohydrates are extracted, leaving the spent grains rich in fibre and protein.

Circular Food Technology

Circular Food Technology is the company behind Agrain® products, which started and experimented with upcycling brewer's spent grains from Danish organic microbreweries. The company currently sells four kinds of flour to Restaurants and bakeries in Copenhagen. It also collaborates with its customers and others to explore further opportunities of using brewer's spent grains as a new source of food.